Thursday, June 17, 2021

Who, What, When, Where, Why Of Thankfuls

So, I'm sitting in my chair in my bedroom on the second floor of my house (this is important), and I feel something tickly on my arm. I looked down to find a tiny ant running crazily over my arm. I squished it, smelled it (this is important, too), and EWWWW, it had the sickly sweet smell of a sugar ant, which you usually find on the FIRST floor of the house in the KITCHEN. A few hours later, there were MORE ants, at least half a dozen, bopping around on the oriental rug in my room (important, too - think how busy the pattern is on an oriental rug).

I am NOT thankful for this.

I AM thankful that my calico cat, Nora Pearl, who was irritated with me for moving her off my lap so I could write a TToT link up post, spied an ant on the rug. When I saw her locked in on something from her perch on the ottoman, it took me a few moments of staring in the same area to see what SHE was seeing, but I'm glad I figured out where she had the bead. Good eye, Nora Pearl! 

Now to figure out why the second floor, how they're getting in, and what I'm going to do about it

I could come up with about a dozen reasons NOT to be thankful about having ants in the house, but isn't it so much nicer to find the one positive thing about it? 

The mighty huntress, Nora Pearl

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  1. Ants are nature's vacuum cleaners, but more suited to outdoors than in our homes. Hope you find out where they are coming from and can plug it all up.


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