The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop was started by Lizzi Lewis at Considerings as a means of seeking out and sharing the good things in her life, changing her attitude in the process. She soon discovered that her sharing inspired others to look for the good things in their lives too, even at times when it is difficult to find those silver linings.

TToT has been an ongoing weekly blog hop since June of 2013, and many people have taken up the challenge to join in and share their own reasons to be thankful. Lizzi has done an amazing job of hosting TToT for the past three-and-a-half years, with the support of an awesome group of co-hosts, and she is ready for a well-deserved break. She has graciously allowed Josie Two Shoes to take on the role of TToT administrator and move TToT to its very own blog address here.

TToT also has a private Facebook page at Ten Things of Thankful