Friday, March 24, 2023

Fun Day Friday

Question: What happens when you get a Friday off from work?

Answer: You forget what day it is and that folks are ready to post their Ten Things of Thankful posts!

I hope you've had such a fun Friday that YOU have forgotten want day it is, too!  Here's the link for you; it's open until midnight Sunday CDT.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Brrrrrring On The Thankfuls

 If you think YOU have had a hard time this week due to the time change, let me introduce you to PRESCHOOLERS. They are woken up and brought to school in the pitch dark, and they ain't happy!

Maybe you can write your thankfuls about just how great it is to have that "extra hour" of daylight. 

Or about how fun it is in the spring when a sunny and 70 degree day can be followed by a day that can't quite make it over 30 degrees and threatens snow.

Whatever your thankfuls, write them and link them and hop like a bunny to the other entries at this week's Ten Things of Thankful. The link is live in a few short hours!

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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Give Us Your Thankfuls!

Well, THIS week went by quickly! Did it for you? Did you take the time to think about your thankfuls?

I did!

I'm thankful the week is over.

I'm thankful the laundry is all done, even if it isn't put away.

I'm thankful for eyelash primer. Game changer!

What have you got? Write your post and share on this week's Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. The link is live from just after midnight Fridays to just before midnight Sundays (CST).

I wasn't kidding....

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

A Host Of Golden Daffodils

 Look at me, getting this week's Ten Things of Thankful posted early! 

That's because I'm spending the weekend with two of my besties to celebrate a 60th birthday, and you KNOW there will be thankfuls aplenty that come from it, such as:

So far, we have missed all the severe weather that has been moving across the area today. We've had rain, but no tornadoes, no hail, no lightning.

We saw buds on the trees as we drove towards our destination.

Daffodils are in bloom, and as we drove along the turnpike, I saw clumps of them, large and small, scattered along the side of the road. It made me a little sad, because it means that there was once a home there where someone planted those daffodil bulbs, but the homes were torn down long ago to make way for the new highway; only the little bulbs were left behind. The daffodils are a bright, happy spot to see amongst the dry, brown landscape, so instead of feeling sad, I decided to feel thankful that someone once took the time to plant them so many years ago that I can enjoy today.

Take a look around and find the daffodils of YOUR life, write a post that lists them, and link them up with us. The hop is open Fridays just after midnight until Sundays just before midnight (CST).

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Check Your Clock

My dad has 7 clocks in his living room, and that wasn't enough, so he made an 8th clock. It is large. Oh, so large. The hands weren't long enough to suit him, so he made extensions for them. The clock face is made from a piece of plexiglass that he painted black. The Roman numerals had sticky backs and they might be a little crooked. He is not exactly a clock making expert, and he really, really, REALLY didn't NEED another clock in the living room, but by golly, he made one!

I think he was just wanting to help remind everyone it's time for the Ten Things of Thankful weekend blog hop. And if my 88 year old dad can make a ginormous clock from scratch, I think YOU can write a list of ten thankfuls and post them this week! 

Let's go. The link is open!

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Friday, February 17, 2023

Hi! We're Here!

Hi! Hi! Hi! Are you here for the Ten Things of Thankful weekend blog hop link up? 

You are? That's TERRIFIC!

Write a list of ten things for which you are thankful. Many of us do this weekly, so our thankfuls reflect the previous week, say, for example, "I'm thankful that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last week." Sometimes, a general list of thankfuls are what work best, such as, "I am thankful for Diet Dr Pepper."

Make your list however you want it, just make it! We'd love to have you be a part of our TToT family!

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy weekend before Valentine's Day! 

Are you thankful you have someone to call your valentine? Are you thankful you don't? Or are you somewhere in between?

Write a thankful list about your story, either way you feel. Here's mine:

I'm thankful I was not good at picking guys to date, or I would never have had the opportunity to meet the man who became my husband.

I'm thankful that, even though we lived across the country from each other, we were from towns only 60 miles apart located halfway between where each of us lived at the time.

I'm thankful for the friend I made through work who introduced her co-worker to me via a telephone conversation.

I'm thankful I threw caution to the wind and flew across the country to meet him in person.

I'm thankful he wasn't an ax murderer.

I'm thankful we were engaged 9 months after we successfully dated long distance.

I'm thankful we married 4 months later.

I'm thankful we agreed to move back to the middle of the country to be near family and raise OUR family.

I'm thankful we have raised two amazing children to adulthood.

I'm thankful he has been my valentine for 30 years and counting.

Your turn! Join the Ten Things of Thankful hop. The link is open until Sunday night!

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