Friday, May 24, 2024

Oh, The Weather Inside Is Frightful

 Nothing says "holiday weekend" like a household disaster! It's how our family celebrates. Not by choice, mind you, but you would think so, as often as it happens. 

Most of our household disasters are water related. Sewer back ups. Broken pipes. Heavy rains finding their way inside. Risk of actual flooding from lake level rising. Dishwashers choosing to drain out the edges of the door rather than through the plumbing system.

This weekend's holiday disaster is multi-faceted, but it ends with a temporary window unit air conditioner installed (need I say incorrectly?) so the water (make that ICY COLD water) that it collects inside poured out of the unit and INTO the house and was found by my bare feet on the very squishy, very wet carpet (see above about temperature of the water and imagine that with bare feet). 

The fun never ends around here.

Here's a thankful: once the central air conditioning debacle is remediated, we can finally replace the ugly (and currently wet with potential for mold) carpet.

Look for those silver linings in everything you do.

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  1. You have my sympathy, we've had our share of such troubles and I pray you get it all finished and dealt with soon.

  2. May the a/c run cold and dry soon, may the carpeting get replaced with something you love, and may all the necessary supplies be on sale! (And may you have a nice long vacation from such "holiday weekends"!)


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