Friday, February 24, 2023

Check Your Clock

My dad has 7 clocks in his living room, and that wasn't enough, so he made an 8th clock. It is large. Oh, so large. The hands weren't long enough to suit him, so he made extensions for them. The clock face is made from a piece of plexiglass that he painted black. The Roman numerals had sticky backs and they might be a little crooked. He is not exactly a clock making expert, and he really, really, REALLY didn't NEED another clock in the living room, but by golly, he made one!

I think he was just wanting to help remind everyone it's time for the Ten Things of Thankful weekend blog hop. And if my 88 year old dad can make a ginormous clock from scratch, I think YOU can write a list of ten thankfuls and post them this week! 

Let's go. The link is open!

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  1. Um, i think you might want to talk to Mr. Linky (or whatever you are using) about it, as he seems to think this link is for next week!

  2. Would love to see a photo of the clock! :-)


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