Thursday, September 16, 2021

Easy Peasy!

Want to know how quick and easy it is to write a list of thankfuls? Imma gonna set my timer and write ten, just to show you.

Ready? Go!

1. My watch has a stop watch feature.

2. I'm not so anal that I need to change "timer" to "stop watch" in the first paragraph.

3. Kleenex.

4. My husband does all the laundry.

5. Cooking projects with two and three year olds (don't knock it 'til you've tried it).

6. A hot, furry cat lying on my legs while I type (just kidding, except in the winter, it's pretty nice).

7. Biscuit Day at school.

8. Fall growing ever nearer.

9. "American Rust" and I don't know what streaming service it is on, but it stars Jeff Daniels.

10. Finally Friday!


Three minutes, thirty-nine seconds. Now you can't say you don't have time to write a Ten Things of Thankful post! Please do and join us! The link is open!

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  1. Well done, although i admit mine took a lot longer.

  2. #4 Wow. Did you make a deal, like I'll do this is you do this? HaHa
    Is Biscuit Day when you make biscuits with the kids, or is this the day the school serves biscuits at lunch?
    I am pretty sure my FitBit has a stop watch, but I'd be hard pressed to know how to use it, or even what reason I might have to use it.


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