Thursday, October 19, 2017

TToT - 10/20/17

Ten Things of Thankful

Welcome to Ten Things of Thankful!

We gather here each weekend to share our posts about the things we are thankful for in our lives, and sometimes just to report that we've survived a difficult week; when we start focusing on the positives and the silver linings, we are able see that life is good. We also encourage each other by sharing pieces of our own journey. The people who participate in TToT are a truly awesome bunch from all age groups and all walks of life; I hope you'll join us and invite your blog friends to do the same, everyone is welcome!

At Ten Things of Thankful we believe that there are many little things in our lives to be thankful for each day as well as the big things that stand out. Keep in mind that you are not required to list ten things if you can't come up with that many, nobody is keeping score, just do the best you can! You'll find that once you get started, more things tend to pop into your head. There is no specific format required for your post, you are encouraged to do it your way. Variety makes it interesting!  :-)

This week's TToT link-up will open shortly after midnight (Central Time) on Thursday night, and will remain open until Tuesday night, so you have plenty of time to work on your post.

Please visit as many of the links as possible, sharing your thoughts is what this group is all about; and PLEASE check back next week for new links that were added later, those folks will appreciate your comments too!

Thank you for your part in making our Ten Things of Thankful blog such an uplifting experience!

Josie Two Shoes
TToT Coordinator

Please take a moment to answer the following question in the comments section below. It's a fun way for us to get to know each other a little better.  Are you an organized/plan ahead person or a spontaneous/"wing-it" type?


  1. It's funny, i like to have plans in place, and when the plans get a monkey wrench thrown in the works, i love the chance to wing it with making a Plan B or Plan C. It would make me nervous to live my life with no plans, and it would make me equally nervous to live my life so totally boxed in with plans that there was no spontaneity or variety or chances to wing it.

  2. I am a little of both. Spontaneity makes life more fun, but for me organization is needed to reach goals.

  3. I am definitely a planner. Everyone knows I need at least 24 hours notice for anything. :)Thanks for hosting.

  4. The thought of "winging it" fills me with anxiety! I love planning and feel 'safer' doing that. However, I feel there could be times where being a bit more spontaneous might be good for me!
    Mine Over Meta

  5. Oh, I was thinking about this question today! I am a planner, planner, planner! I've learned to relax more as I've gotten older, and can "wing" some things, but I like to have a general sense of direction.

  6. I'm totally a "pantser" by nature. I do work on the planning thing, though, because I know it makes things in general go more smoothly for me.
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me
    (because Google won't let me comment with my account)

  7. With the upcoming month of NaNoWriMo ahead, which I don't think I'll be participating in this year, you are either a planner or a pantser when writing.

    I am a nice mix of both, I think, but my life has never been easily planned and mapped out. I try because routine is helpful and things with blindness or whatever, but life can be and mine is about to be, more of an adventurous experience when left to the spontaneous side of things.


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